The Best Novel to Read

Are you looking for a good read? Little Women is the best novel to read. It was written by Louisa May Alcott, who was an American novelist in the 19th century. Published in 1868, Little Women is a classic historical fiction novel, which is just as popular today as it was back then. In Little Women, Alcott whisks us away almost 200 years ago to the Civil War. We journey with her back in time when there were no modern conveniences. Social graces and manners were instilled at an early age. Hard work and determination were the means of survival. Injustices like poverty, sickness, and civil rights were prevalent.

Many things were different back then, but the underlying issues are still the same. The life experiences in Little Women are relocatable to us in our present day, which makes it one of the most timeless books ever written. Louisa May Alcott based Little Women on some of her own life experiences with her parents and three sisters in Concord, Massachusetts at their lovely home called Orchard House. She chronicles the lives of Jo March and her three sisters, Meg, Beth, and Amy. These adoring characters share a home with their father Robert, who has recently gone off to fight in the Civil War, and their mother Margaret, whom they affectionately call “Marlee”.

The March Parents encourage their daughters to utilize their intelligence and stand up for social injustice. They instill family values, self-worth, and integrity. They nurture a passion and love for other people. Even today, parents can aspire to be like Robert and Margaret March. The March Sisters mirrored the personalities of the Alcott Family. Louisa was much like Jo March, the main character in Little Women. Like Louisa, Jo has a passion for writing, drama, and justice. Her parents encourage their daughters to utilize their intelligence and stand up against social injustice. Meg is the typical oldest child. She is next in charge when Marlee is away, caring for the home and family. Beth is a gentle, selfless soul, whose compassion for others is like none other. Amy is the typical youngest child, a bit spoiled and at times selfish, but the most determined to reach her dreams.

There are many other interesting characters in Little Women. The March Sisters befriend an orphan boy, who is the grandson of their neighbor Mr. Laurence. They become close friends with Teddy “Laurie” Laurence, and he plays a large role in their lives throughout the novel. Great-Aunt March is a colorful character in the novel. She is a wealthy widow, who is all to generous with her opinions on how Marlee raises her girls. The March Sisters meet many people throughout the novel, like the Hummer Family, John Brooke, and Friedrich Haber, who dramatically affect their lives and touch their hearts. Little Women will take you on a heartwarming journey of laughter, grief, friendship, tears, defeat, triumph, heartbreak, reconciliation, joy, and family. It is the best and most cherished novel of all time.

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